Welcome to the History of Shane English School

1977 turned out to be a pretty big year

  • The Silver Jubilee for Queen Elizabeth 2nd
  • Star Wars and Saturday Night Fever were big hits in the cinema
  • Elvis Presley dies
  • Rocky won an Oscar
  • Bjorn Borg won Wimbledon
  • AND
  • Shane Lipscombe founded Shane English School

After arriving in Tokyo with only £50 Shane started giving English lessons in his kitchen. He quickly gained a fantastic reputation and decided to open his first language school. That was 40 years ago and now?….. there are over 300 Shane English Schools world wide.

Not wanting to stand still in 1990 Shane established The Saxoncourt Group. This is a world leader in high-quality English language training courses for the Cambridge University CELTA qualification and teacher recruitment.

In 1998, for his dedication to global English education and English language teaching, Shane was awarded a Coat of Arms by the Heraldic Household of the Queen. The Coat of Arms is now used throughout the world in all of the Shane English Schools. We are all very proud of this, the Shane ‘family’ continue to ensure that our students receive an excellent education and customer service.

We are accredited by the British Council this ensures that the schools reach the strict standards in management, teaching, and student welfare. The schools are regularly inspected by the British Council to make sure standards are maintained. The Hastings and Caledonian Language schools are members of English UK.

Shane English Schools UK has an experienced professional team who are ready to help you with any questions you may have. The schools provide an academic, cultural and social experience that students will never forget.  We offer excellent quality English courses, which could help you advance your educational or professional needs and to make friends from all over the world.

Our mission is to share our experience and ensure that our students benefit from all that learning English can offer them.  In a global world, we want you to feel that we are meeting your needs as an individual ensuring you get the results you need to give you a ‘Ticket to the World’.  An international learning experience from the one thing that we all have in common, LANGUAGE!

Our Core Values

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home stay

Feeling safe and comfortable in your accommodation

is an important part of your learning experience.

We take great care to provide the best accommodation

to suit you.

Social Events

horse london

Studying isn’t all about work, a social life is very

important too.The schools arrange some activities

or can help you plan your own.

Junior Courses

For those aged 8-17 we have some fantastic courses

including a full residential camp in a stunning

countryside location.

I’ve chosen Shane Global Language School, because the teachers and staffs are very kind. I like small quite places, so I liked Shane Global. – Cetin Karakaya – Turkey

Shane Global is a much friendlier school that I thought. the attractive point is we can get on well with not only our own teacher, but also teachers from other classes – Tayuki Yamamoto – Japan

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