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Going away with friends is always fun. Staying at a summer camp is, even more, fun where the students will be living, learning, eating and playing with friends old and new.

Shane English School’s new Summer Camp is about 30 minutes outside of central London, in the beautiful English countryside. The summer camp offers a residential language holiday for juniors from 8-15 years. Shane English School UK have created and specially designed a language holiday where, we believe, we have created the perfect balance between formal learning, culture, and fun.

This residential camp is set in over 80 acres of beautiful park and woodland, the students live and learn in the same place. The campus has many facilities including bright classrooms, a gym, dining hall, football pitches and tennis courts.

On the first day of school, the students have a test to find out their English level, they are then put into a class with students of a similar level and age. The students spend 15 hours a week in the classroom. The teachers have experience working with and teaching the younger age group. They create fun, fast paced active lessons, the students don’t realise how much they learn during the lessons. We do, where possible, mix the nationalities in the classroom and during activities.

The afternoons are dedicated to different activities. We aim to balance the activities between culture such as visiting a living museum or a historic castle with playing team games in the school grounds or going to an aquarium. The activities are designed to ensure the students are continually learning, discovering and enjoying their stay in the UK. We encourage the students to speak English at all times, this enables them to speak with students from other countries and to make friends. We ensure there is something for everyone. The activity leaders are enthusiastic and will encourage all students to join in.

During the weekend, there are no lessons, but the students will be occupied the whole time. There is a full day activity generally visiting one of the famous English cities. We make sure that there is a London trip after all everyone wants to go to London, where they will see many of the city’s famous landmarks, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square…. there will be opportunities to take photographs and buy souvenirs.

The school grounds are extensive and we try and make use of the fabulous facilities they have to offer. For those who have adventure in their blood, there’s a chance to do activities in the woodland, where we can have a campfire and sing songs around it…who doesn’t like toasted marshmallows?  We also have a full theatre so those who like to act, sing or dance there maybe an opportunity to take part in a show for the other students.
The summer camp has been specially designed to include everything you need.
  • Groups only (minimum 10 students)
  • No individual Students

The summer camp is suitable for organisations who wish to bring groups of younger students to the UK, for an educational and cultural experience.

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home stay

Feeling safe and comfortable in your accommodation

is an important part of your learning experience.

We take great care to provide the best accommodation

to suit you.

Social Events

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Studying isn’t all about work, a social life is very

important too.The schools arrange some activities

or can help you plan your own.

Junior Courses

For those aged 8-17 we have some fantastic courses

including a full residential camp in a stunning

countryside location.

‘I really enjoyed the time in school’- Milcia 13, Austria

‘Our bedroom, to be honest, was the prettiest room in the house’ – Melanie and Sabrina 14, Austria