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Do you want to go to university in an English speaking country maybe Britain or Australia? Then you will probably need to have done an IELTS exam.

Each year over 2 million people each year take the IELTS exam to access the English speaking world. Educational institutes and some employers require proof of English Language skills as part of their admission or recruitment procedures. It is also necessary for some visa applications.  The exam is accredited by Cambridge University.Shane English Schools students have in previous years gained an average score of  7.0.The IELTS preparation course prepares you for the academic exams. We will teach you techniques and strategies to approach and answer the IELTS test questions. This should give you the confidence and ability to reach the potential of your desired score band.  You will also develop grammatical and lexical knowledge to help increase your score.

With regular exam practice and homework, by the end of the course, you will have greater knowledge of the exam and the confidence to pass your wanted level

IELTS Preparation course teaching time is 5 hours per week,  each lesson is 2.5 hours long, the lessons are in the afternoons twice a week. In addition to this, there will be homework for you to complete in your own time.  This combined with our General English Course will give you the opportunity to maximize your improvement.

In order to attend the IELTS preparation course, you will need to have at least a B1 intermediate level (test your English with the Cambridge English Language Assessment).  We can help book your exam at one of the many test centres in the UK (booking fee applies).



English Courses for Adults
Course dates Induction and test every Monday throughout the year
Class times Monday and Wednesday 14.00 – 16.45 including a 15-minute break*

*these classes are subject to change different days

Private study hours Homework averages 2 times per week
Taught hours per week 5 hours
Non-teaching days The school is closed on Saturdays and Sundays. On the following public holidays in 2017 the school is closed

Monday 2nd January*

Friday 14th April

Monday 17th April*

Monday 1st May*

Monday 28th August*

*induction and test takes place on the next day (Tuesday)

Minimum enrolment age 16*


If you are interested in a free trial lesson please contact us.

*Please note students aged 16-17 enrolled on adult courses are not supervised to and from school or before and after lessons


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home stay

Feeling safe and comfortable in your accommodation

is an important part of your learning experience.

We take great care to provide the best accommodation

to suit you.

Social Events

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Studying isn’t all about work, a social life is very

important too.The schools arrange some activities

or can help you plan your own.

All the teachers are so patient and friendly. I enjoyed all lessons. I’ve played games, I’ve pushed myself, and teachers also helped me. In one word, teachers are “sympathetic”.  Cetin Karakaya – Turkey