Welcome to Why Study in Hastings?

Why Hastings? We have asked many students this questions and here are some of the reasons:

  • It’s near London
  • Hastings is more personal than London
  • I want to be by the sea
  • It’s cheaper than London
  • Friends have been here
  • There are fewer distractions which is good for an intensive learner
  • Hastings looked beautiful
  • I like small places
  • Fish and Chips!
  • I heard there are lots of festivals and pubs

So there are many different reasons for coming to Hastings and every student that comes here leaves a little piece of their heart and takes a little piece of Hastings with them.

Hastings is a truly unique town it keeps old customs alive and is always introducing new and exciting ones. The ‘new’ town, which is over 150 years old, has every modern convenience you may need, banks, train and bus station, cinema, bars/pubs and restaurants, there is a new indoor shopping centre and about 5 minute walk from the town centre is Summerfields sports centre, exploring the town and its surroundings is fun and safe.

Every child in the UK knows one historical date 1066 the Battle of Hastings. Hastonians are very proud of the history and every year the battle is re-enacted and the towns people celebrate with a torch light procession through the town and a spectacular firework display. You are able to visit the castle and surrounding caves which gives you a real sense of ‘old’ Hastings. Hastings old town has a charm and atmosphere all of its own, there small medieval timber houses clad in wattle and daub to houses of Victorian Splendor. You can relax in one of the many cafes or bars, listen to a live band or enjoy some of the best fish and chips in the world.

Alexandra Park is a stunning park to have a stroll, lie in the sun or have a game of tennis with your friends. The Fishermen’s Museum and Shipwreck Museum are places of great interest to learn about life in an ancient coastal town. The White Rock Theatre has many different productions through out the year from Shakespeare plays to rock concerts. The pier has events during the summer last year there were open air films, concerts as well as fun fairs. Art galleries are in plentiful supply, the Jerwood Gallery holds large exhibitions through out the year and is always well worth a visit.

There are many beautiful and historic towns and villages close to Hastings, these make great places to go for a day out of exploring, understanding English history or to enjoy a traditional cream tea. Bodium, Hever, and Leeds castles are all fairly near they are some amazing examples of medieval architecture and historical events. If shopping is your activity of choice then the designer outlet in Ashford is a great place for a bargain. Johnny Depp and Paul McCartney have been known to shop in Hastings and surrounding towns, so you never know who you may bump into! For those who are feeling more adventurous the Eurostar from Ashford goes directly to Paris in about 2 hours, so how about a weekend in France?

Hastings and its has so much to do there is something to suit everyone.

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The reason for I come to Hastings is because is a small town ideal for learn English. Really I’ve had the oportunity of met all teachers in Shane Global an all of them are very good instructors. Ismael Perez (Columbia)