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Why Choose Us?

When you are learning a new language and whether you are elementary or advanced it’s very important to be able to communicate clearly and confidently. Through out this course, you will use different methods such as role plays, debates or even a real situations the class may go out for coffee.The teachers are used to creating a safe and guided experience that will allow the students to practise speaking with other students who are not necessarily in their class, even the shyest students will start speaking! Not only will you improve your spoken language skills you will enhance your over all confidence and social skills.


Our course is perfect for *16+year old students. The maximum class size is 15.

English Courses for Adults
Course dates Induction and test every Monday throughout the year
Class times Monday to Friday 12.30 – 13.30*

*these classes are subject to change during July and August

Private study hours  homework not given
Taught hours per week 5 hours
Non-teaching days The school is closed on Saturdays and Sundays. On the following public holidays in 2017 the school is closed

Monday 2nd January*

Friday 14th April

Monday 17th April*

Monday 1st May*

Monday 28th August*

*induction and test takes place on the next day (Tuesday)

Minimum enrolment age 16*

On arrival, you take a placement test. You are then put into a class for your correct English level (test your English with the Cambridge English Language Assessment). Where possible, we aim to have mixed nationality classes.

If you are interested in a free trial lesson please contact us.

*Please note students aged 16-17 enrolled on adult courses are not supervised to and from school or before and after lessons


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home stay

Feeling safe and comfortable in your accommodation

is an important part of your learning experience.

We take great care to provide the best accommodation

to suit you.

Social Events

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Studying isn’t all about work, a social life is very

important too.The schools arrange some activities

or can help you plan your own.

The reason for I come to Hastings is because is a small town ideal for learn English. Really I’ve had the oportunity of met all teachers in Shane Global an all of them are very good instructors. Ismael Perez (Columbia)