Practice your English outside the classroom and learn about British culture by living in a local homestay.

Homestays in Hastings and Edinburgh

Living with a host is a great opportunity to practice your English outside the classroom, in a homestay environment. Hosts are carefully selected, either by our British-Council accredited provider in Edinburgh or by our dedicated accommodation manager in Hastings.

The hosts will treat the students as a full member of the house hold, eating together and sharing the common living areas. No more than 4 students will be accommodated in a homestay at any one time.

Hosts enjoy having Shane UK students, and students enjoy learning more about British home life.

Please note that our homestays can be up to a 45 minute bus ride from school.


My house family made me feel to be part of the family and not only a guest – Silvia Mikulic  Germany/Croatia

Notes on Homestays

  • Shared rooms in host families are only available for two students coming together.
  • British people love pets. Most families have pets and they usually live inside the house. If you do not want to live in a family with pets, please indicate this on your application form.
  • Britain is a very multicultural society. Our host families are from different ethnic backgrounds and religions and will eat different types of food. This is normal in Britain, and students are expected to be aware of this.